Artist Pass: application

Application Form

An artist can receive an Artist Pass if:

  • s/he holds a degree in Arts/Arts related field of study from an officially-recognised university, art college or academy,
  • s/he is a member of an Artist Association/Group/Collective
  • s/he declares that is a self-taught artist
  • and
  • s/he demonstrates a continuous artistic practice in the fact-finding fields of artistic practice
    • The following evidence should be provided:
    • artist CV (in .DOC format)
    • artist statement(in .DOC format)
    • artist short bio (in .DOC format)
    • the applicant's national ID card (scanned, in .PDF format)
    • filled in questionnaire (signed, and scanned, in .PDF format)
    • if applicable, degree documents or evidence (scanned originals, in .PDF format)
    • a portfolio of representative works (in .PDF format)
    • a photo or video documentation of installations, performances, in situ or similar time based work (in .PDF format or as a link to an online based video)
    • a justification of social contextualisation pursued in the main body of work (in .DOC format)
    • a list of catalogues, publications (in .DOC format)
    • a link to main website (in .DOC format)
    • two letters of reference from curators/producers of past exhibitions within the last 3 years, specifically addressing the artist application for an artist pass (signed, and scanned, in .PDF format)
  • s/he signs a written statement of acceptance of our code of conduct
There is no legal entitlement to an Artist Pass. The members or Advisory Committee members of the Artist Access Initiative maintain a strict confidentiality of the evaluation process.

The approval is based on a curatorial perspective, considering applicants who show a distinct artistic approach, collaborative reliability and high professionalism.

Full application can be received only per email, at Applications received by any other mean will not be considered. There is no deadline for application. We strive to give each application a final response in a 2 months term.

The processing fee of the application is of 5 Euro per applicant, non-refundable.

A rejected application can be submitted by same person again, after 1 year since prior application.


Download Application Form - (all instructions are included in the application form)