• Artist Access Anthology Book
open call

Share your experience of making art outside the studio

It's a little more than one century since what we know as the artistic process has gone through radical changes. The historical "artist working in the studio" has stopped being the norm. New kinds of art and with it, new ways of making art, have pushed the boundaries of how artists get their work done. The practice of art in situ and art in context are just parts of a bigger reality in which the artist gets out of the studio, interacts with people and places and closely interweaves both his/her art and life with them.

One thing is the common denominator in such artists' works and experiences: all of them have to, in one way or another, negotiate their access to all these places and people. Turning the ashes of a renowned architect into a diamond to gain the trust of someone owning and guarding strictly over the architect's archive, and eventually making it accessible to the world? Yes, it was the conceptual artist Jill Magid's way of negotiating her access to the Mexican architect Luis Barragán's oeuvre.


Proposals shall be sent using the online form available here, till latest 30 May, 2017.


What is then your story of gaining access to your subject matter, as an artist, researcher or a born to be flâneur? What have you encountered in your experience, how did it change both your overall artistic output and understanding of life? What access stories are at least as impressive as the resulting work and you would like them published in an Artist Access Anthology? The book will contain detailed documentations of your work, the access story behind it and some other thoughts you would like to share with the world.


All proposals received will become part of an editorial archive on artist access practices and may be used for further publication scope. A selection of 20 artists will be included in the Anthology Book, with one selected work per artist, the access story behind the realisation of the work, a short description of the artist practice, visual or any other suitable documentation. Printed in 100 copies in English, the first edition produced by the Mal de Débarquement Verlag will be distributed worldwide. Each selected artist will receive a complimentary copy of the book. There is no artist contribution or an honorary fee involved in the selection, production or distribution of the book.


One artist can submit maximum three proposals, each for one unique work, which includes:

  • the title of the proposed work; max. 100 words.
  • the artist CV; max 1500 words.
  • the artist statement; max 300 words.
  • a link to an artist's website, if available.
  • a description of the proposed work, including title, technique, dimensions, production year, current ownership; max 300 words.
  • a short description of the context in which the production of the work occurred; max 300 words.
  • a copyright notice for the use of the submitted content.