Artist Pass: accreditation process


  • Facilitated institutional access
  • Strenghtening the fact-finding practices in art
  • Community support & Networking
  • Promotion

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The Artist Access Initiative accreditation is based on a voluntary process that includes:

  • a self-evaluation of the artists' work in the context of fact-finding;
  • a peer review;
  • a judgement by a decision-making commission on accompanying documents;

and leads to the issuance of an Artist Pass that signifies that an artist complies with the Code of Conduct of the Artist Access Initiative, for the purpose of fact-finding missions, commissions and collaborations.

Validity of the Artist Pass

The Artist Pass assures that an artist adheres to specific standards based on Artist Access Initiative Code of Conduct, and demonstrates a relevant practice in the fact-finding field.

The Artist Pass is issued for a period of 5 years and renewed, at request.

The Artist Pass is granted solely for the purpose of enabling investigative fact-finding missions.